同求啊 ~~·怎么也搜不到 后面我听了 还有一句是 WHAT FEEL 什么什么的 节奏轻快迷幻 有女声不断的OH OH OH OH OH 。。。

Not The Doctor 播放 歌手:Alanis Morissette 语言:英语 所属专辑:Jagged Little Pill

We Can't Stop-Miley Cyrus

J.Fla Shape Of You 楼主所说应该就是这条歌 中间 偶爱 偶爱 偶爱 很好听的那种

Taylor Swift的I Did Something Bad???

last friday night 歌词: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F.) There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding my head Glitter all over the room Pink flamingos in the pool I smell like a minibar DJ's passed out in the yard ...

是不是这句:Oh let us make a pledge to meet in September 曲名:Sealed With A Kiss 以吻封缄 原唱:Bobby Vinton 鲍比·文顿 Though we gonna say goodbye for the summer虽然我们不得不分开度夏 Darling I promise you this亲爱的 我答应你 ...

he thinks he'll keep her

De Novo Adagio 播放 歌手:Alicia Keys 语言:英语 所属专辑:Girl On Fire 发行时间

应该是Just a Kiss--Lady Antebellum这首歌 试听链接:http://music.163.com/#/song?id=28670152 歌词: just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight 只是一个月光下的吻,印在你的唇上 just a touch in the fire burning so bright 只是一次触碰...

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